Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Nice Day

Sunday, I visited Tower Grove Park, and, later, Forest Park. At Tower Grove, in and around the Gaddy Bird Garden, quite a few species were observed. They were as follows: Indigo bunting, white-throated sparrow, white-eyed vireo, gray catbird, field sparrow, cooper's hawk, swainson's thrush, american goldfinch, rose-breasted grosbeak, yellow-rumped warbler, ovenbird, eastern towhee, coopers hawk, gray catbird, and, the highlight of the trip, a Cape May Warbler. In the Cypress Circle area, we saw chipping sparrows, ruby-crowned kinglets, a warbling vireo, and a possible gray-cheeked thrush. Moving on to the Kennedy Forest in Forest Park, we saw blue-gray gnatcatchers, nashville warblers, palm warblers, a northern parula, a tennessee warbler, yellow-rumped warblers, a red-bellied woodpecker, and a 1st spring summer tanager. Of course there were also numerous robins at all locations.
This turtle was right next to the path leading towards the Bird Garden.
This cooper's hawk flew away with something in it's talons, presumably a meal.
This gray catbird was on the edge of the Bird Garden
I hope no one was using this nest!
The molting look suggests that this is the tanagers first spring


  1. What spectacular outings and sightings. It sounds like there are many different, fine places as well as some very practiced bird listeners. We enjoyed looking at all of them
    Especially admired the profusion of Spring warblers and right on time!JuHP JeHP

  2. I love the summer tanager picture! I have always wanted to see one with all the colors that the molting stage offers, but I never have (except in my bird book).

    Amelia J.