Sunday, April 26, 2009

Owls And Others

Tower Grove Park on 4/18. Many species were seen, with the highlight being three Great Horned Owls. Also seen were white-throated sparrows, eastern towhees, hermit thrushes, winter wrens, a probable white-eyed vireo, brown thrashers, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, a pine warbler, and possibly others.

Hermit Thrush
A winter wren The hermit thrushes were enjoying these berries
The Gaddy Wild Bird Garden
A Great Horned Owl
Female Eastern Towhee

Lots of Robins were bathing in the creek
The Stables
For a warbler, he was pretty cooperative
Entrance to the Gaddy Bird Garden
After seeing them all day, I was glad to finally get a decent picture of a brown thrasher at the end. This weekend, I went to Forest Park twice and Tower Grove Park once, so expect a springy post full of warblers soon!


  1. Looks like agreat spot.-I like te Tohee picture and getting a photo of a Great Horned Owl is Great! Brown thrasher is an interesting bird-they usually repeat their phrases twice on average.

  2. Wow- great pictures! I can't believe your list from just one day. I'd be happy to see this variety over the course of a month even. Great blog!

  3. These are awesome photos. Please keep updating the blog! - Tom O'Shea