Monday, March 16, 2009

More Spring

Yesterday I observed a slightly orange variant house finch in my yard. I believe this is due to malnutrition.

See the green? Spring is on it's way here at least.Also, some cowbird pictures, and a male and female red-winged blackbird. The Missouri Department of Conservation calender has the females returning on the 22nd, so not too far off. It's a great calendar, and predicted my junco arrival to within a couple days.

I think this is a cowbird. I saw it a couple weeks ago, and I assume it is a young male.

Male and female red-winged blackbirds.

The goldfinches are yellowing up!

I hope to soon have a post full of colorful migrants, or at least a description of some colorful migrants. Well, I guess it's a little to early to hope for that, but the weather sure has warmed up here. See you later!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Harbingers Of Spring

I've just set up a birdbath , and hope it will attract some of the migrants that must be on their way. There were certainly some early migrants to be seen today on the Forest Park Forever Beginner Bird Walk. There were numerous calling red-winged blackbirds, an eastern Phoebe, and several killdeer, along with song sparrows, a red-bellied woodpecker, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, mallards, wood ducks, robins(which sort of belong in the migrants category, but also sort of overwinter), a cooper's hawk, starlings, and common grackles. At home there was a red-winged blackbird, but also a brown-headed cowbird, which also are are supposed to be year round here, but which I don't think I'd seen since last June. Is spring coming to your area? What warbler are you most looking forward to seeing? Post about it!

Monday, March 2, 2009


This is a picture of a cardinal from my yard this fall. I saw him many times, and he seemed fine, and now I believe he is one of the cardinals that visits my yard, although now with a full head of hair.