Sunday, September 20, 2009


I saw many new life birds this summer, bringing my life list total up to 129. I don't think these are all my pictures from Michigan, and I'll try to find where I put the others.Scenery along Peterson Road.
Spotted Sandpiper at Peterson Beach.

Least Sandpiper at Peterson Beach.

Least Sandpiper again, Peterson Beach.

This Piping Plover has lots of bands on its legs. The DNR is very active in protecting them.

Empire Bluffs.

Immature Phoebes in a nest under the barn eaves.

Caspian Tern with some gulls at Esch Road.

Female Common Merganser with babies, seen at the Platte River.A Piping Plover. It turns out it was sitting on its chicks.They are really tiny and fluffy.