Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warblers At Last

On Saturday, I went to Kennedy Forest in Forest Park to see what migrants I could find. After seeing some yellow-rumps and a northern parula, we met with another birder who told us where he had seen most of his birds. Going down to a little creek, and there meeting another birder, we saw Indigo Buntings, a swainson's thrush, and tennessee warblers. Meeting the first two birders with yet another, we saw a nashville warbler, and, going off with the second one, saw a rose-breasted grosbeak and a cardinal, both eating from the same tree. I should mention at this point how amazing these birders were at identifying birds by sound. The one we were with heard a white-eyed vireo, and sure enough, after searching a while, there one was. We birded a little while longer, but it had gotten very hot by that point, so we went back to the car after quite a successful trip!
I apologise for the blurriness, but warblers are fast!(A tennessee)
A rose-breasted grosbeak

This is a tree growing in another tree. I believe it has something to do with the Osage.I hope your spring migration is going well!

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  1. Great list of warblers, including the post above! I've got a bubbler that's attracting a few right to my yard. Mostly yellow rumps and one common yellow, I think. I've never seen a Cape May or a summer tanager. I have seen a Tennessee, like in your top photo above. I'll have to get out this weekend to spot more.