Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shaw Nature Reserve

On Monday my dad and I went out to Shaw Nature Reserve, which is run by the Missouri Botanical Garden. We saw a Prothonotory Warbler and A Yellow-Throated Warbler, both of which were life birds for me. We also saw a young male deer, which is interesting because you mostly see females (at least in my experience). Also there were Yellowthroats, Summer Tanagers, and Indigo buntings, so we were only lacking a green bird to finish the rainbow. The only good picture I got was when we walked by a flock of chickadees, one of which was eating a caterpillar.
These next two are from way back in April, at Powder Valley Nature center. The bluebird was very cooperative, and I think the gnatcatchers are nesting in the area where I found them.
A couple weeks ago, I went back out to Powder Valley, but there wasn't much going on, so I tried to find Emmenegger Nature Park. I found it, but I spent 15 minutes trying to locate a bird up in a tree, and then walked into the woods, where I was greeted by mosquitoes. After crossing a bridge, I came around a bend to find this copperhead sunning itself. I left.


  1. I've hiked alot in Missouri, and have not encounted a copperhead right on the trail. I can see why you turned around! Very nice shots before that.

  2. I really love that second shot, he has such beautiful coloring. What kind of camera/binoculars do you use? I guess you could call me an amateur birder, but I'm trying to get more into it and I could use some direction into what equipment I should have. I've been searching around and found this inexpensive pair of binoculars but I don't really know what I'm looking at. Any opinions? Thank you!