Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is an unidentified (presumably immature) woodpecker that was in my backyard in Michigan this summer. At least I assume it's a woodpecker. My best guess would be a juvenile yellow-bellied sapsucker. While its wing was spread out in an awkward fashion, it did not seem to be injured, and later flew off quite easily.

Any thoughts?

(I posted on the Michigan listserv about this, and it was confirmed to be a juvenile yellow-bellied sapsucker)


  1. What an odd posture for the bird.-Good job in identifying it.-I'll be keeping an eye on your blog.-I'm envious of the Wood Duck photos.-I've never been able to get a ggood shot of a male Wood Duck.

  2. hi spencer! charlotte introduced me to your birding blog, which I am following with pleasure: GREAT pictures! I'm especially interested in woodpeckers right now because last time I was in VT there was a whole symphony (or I should say percussion section) of them working away. I want to record them next time I go up...