Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yorkshire Dales

First, you might want an idea of what the Dales look like.Just down the road from our cottage was a stream that had many birds around it, including some warblers that were too hard for me to identify.
The warblers there are definitely not the equivalent of ours, except in behavior, since they flit around a lot and are hard to get a picture of. The finches and tits are the really colorful birds, which seems unfair since they're very common and will come to feeders.
This male chaffinch is feeding what I presume is a young one. we were there at the right time for nesting, and I also found this spotted flycatcher nesting under the eaves of a house.
I have to say, I was actually more confident identifying this flycatcher than I am identifying the ones we have here. I just label them "Generic Flycatchers" and then move on.
This is a pied wagtail along a stream near Arncliffe. There was also a bank where you could lie down and look into swallow nests.
The buzzard is, I believe, one of the most common birds of prey in England. This one was floating around a little way up one of the fells.
This is a Dunnock that was in our garden. They look plain, but sing very nicely. The blackbirds also had nice songs. Overall, the common birds there seemed more musical than ours.
These curlews are funny looking birds with their huge curved bills. I think they had just arrived.
When we were first driving into the Dales, we saw some oystercatchers, and I was amazed. It turns out they regularly breed here though. I just wish I had gotten some pictures of the Lapwings, which have an interesting crest.
See how colorful these blue tit are? I would love to have birds like this at my feeders here at home.
You can't complain about our goldfinches, but I like the red faces these guys have!
This little blackbird gave me some of my best shots from the trip. He's also a really fluffy looking little guy! The Yorkshire Dales is one of the most beautiful places I have been, and the birding was excellent, since we had sun for almost the entire time we were there. Look for more summer posts in the future!

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  1. It must have been great to have the chance to see such different birds! I'm really impressed by the colors on the bluetit and the goldfinch.