Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Forest Park Forever Beginner Bird Walk

Not too many species seen, but it was nice out finally, and there were many more people than usual.
Wood Ducks, male and female. It's hard to believe they're native; they're so exotic looking.
Canada Goose, common, but I thought it was a nice picture. Other species of note were a red-headed woodpecker, great blue heron, and cooper's hawk.
Song Sparrow. There were lots of these around, along with at least one American Tree Sparrow. This is more a testament to Canon's great cameras than about the bird walk. My dial had slipped, and I was shooting on the wrong mod at 1/640. They picture was way too light. However, I shoot in raw, and was able to correct that. The birds are too far away for it to be a graet shot, but I thought the comparison was interesting.Undoctored photo.
Corrected photo. Thank you Canon, and thanks for reading!


  1. I'm a second year fledgling birder and enjoyed looking thru your pictures. What fun!

  2. great pictures, and i agree, canon is great, makes me a better photographer.


  3. Nice Woodduck Spencer. Looking forward to your Florida pictures.

  4. Nice Wood Duck photo! I know what you mean-I freaked the first time I saw a male Wood Duck.