Monday, March 16, 2009

More Spring

Yesterday I observed a slightly orange variant house finch in my yard. I believe this is due to malnutrition.

See the green? Spring is on it's way here at least.Also, some cowbird pictures, and a male and female red-winged blackbird. The Missouri Department of Conservation calender has the females returning on the 22nd, so not too far off. It's a great calendar, and predicted my junco arrival to within a couple days.

I think this is a cowbird. I saw it a couple weeks ago, and I assume it is a young male.

Male and female red-winged blackbirds.

The goldfinches are yellowing up!

I hope to soon have a post full of colorful migrants, or at least a description of some colorful migrants. Well, I guess it's a little to early to hope for that, but the weather sure has warmed up here. See you later!

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  1. The female red winged black bird would be really hard to identify if no male were around. Was she there by herself? She looks like a finch or some kind of sparrow - though I guess she's bigger. Good spotting!